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Monday, October 20, 2014

All of Mexico must Prevent Acts of Violence: President Peña Nieto

Presidency of the Republic

At the 105th Ordinary General Assembly of the Mexican Social Security Institute, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto began his address by mentioning the recent events that occurred in the state of Guerrero.


The following is a transcription of his speech:


During this event that brings us together, allow me to mention what happened in Guerrero [on October 13]*, which society has been following closely, in the same way as we have condemned the acts of violence that unfortunately took place in the Municipality of Iguala.


This is an issue that will undoubtedly lead the Mexican state as a whole to take actions and measures to prevent a repetition of events such as the one in Iguala. It will also permit the strengthening of institutions, particularly those responsible for security, so that they act with more confidence and greater efficiency to improve Mexicans’ safety.


And in this task I wish to confirm to you and Mexican society that the executive branch for which I am responsible has a responsibility and a goal, which is to clarify events, find the young students whose whereabouts are unknown, and find the culprits and the masterminds.


The Attorney General’s Office is responsible for this investigation and has the full support of the institutions comprising the Public Security Cabinet to implement the task entrusted to them.

I hope that we will soon be able to provide results and clarify the events, for which society is demanding justice.


* Protesting students and teachers burn state building in southern Mexico (Haaretz/Associated Press)



"The Mexican State as a Whole must Act to Prevent Events like the One in Iguala: EPN," Presidency of the Republic, Mexico, DF, Oct. 14, 2014; translation by Presidency of the Republic

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