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Mexico Columns and Commentary

Congressional Hearing: Iran and Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere, Joint Subcommittee Hearing: Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa, and Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives - 30 March 2015

AS/COA Online Explains: China's Role in Latin America, Americas Society/Council of the Americas - 30 March 2015

Sergei Lavrov in Latin America: Beware of Russians Bearing Gifts, by Antón Toursinov (PanAm Post) - 30 March 2015

How Conflict in the Islamic World is Driving International Organized Crime, by Neil Thompson (ISN) - 30 March 2015

Mexican Tourism and the 40th Annual 'Tianguis Turístico,' by Allan Wall - 30 March 2015

The Paradoxes of Law Enforcement in the Western Hemisphere, by Jerry Brewer - 30 March 2015

Carmen Aristegui, a Bold Mexican Journalist, is Fired (Again), by George Baker - 23 March 2015

Mexico's Mid-term Congressional Elections will be on June 7th, by Allan Wall - 23 March 2015

It's Time for Mexico to Change How it Pursues Drug Lords, by Patrick Corcoran (InSight Crime) - 23 March 2015

Continuing Crime and Insecurity in Northern Central America, by Jerry Brewer - 23 March 2015

AS/COA Online Explains: China's Role in Latin America, Americas Society/Council of the Americas - 23 March 2015

Mexico's Financial and Labor Reforms are Creating Benefits, Mexican Presidency's Editorial Staff - 16 March 2015

What's Killing Marine Fauna along Mexico's Baja California Coast? Frontera NorteSur - 16 March 2015

Mexico has Captured 'Z-42,' another vicious Zeta Kingpin, by Allan Wall - 16 March 2015

President Peña sees a Bright Future for UK-Mexico Relations, by Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico - 9 March 2015

Prime Minister welcomes Mexican President to Great Britain, Prime Minister's Office - 9 March 2015

Joint Mexico-United Kingdom Statement - 9 March 2015

Mexico: The Unbearable Cost of Distrust, by Arturo Franco, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center - 9 March 2015

U.S. Envoy to Mexico Addresses 100 Energy Sector Leaders, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 9 March 2015

Crude Calculus: Latin America's Risky Bet on Pricey Oil (features Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela), by Christopher Sabatini, Foreign Affairs - 9 March 2015

Mexico Nabs the Leader of Michoacan's 'Caballeros Templarios,' by Allan Wall - 9 March 2015

Central Americans and the U.S. and their Plan for Prosperity, U.S. Department of State - 9 March 2015

Statement of Principles on Security Cooperation between the Governments of the United States and Mexico, The White House, Office of the Press Secretary - 2 March 2015

Crime and the State: Latin America's Season of Scandal, by Ivan Briscoe (openDemocracy/openSecurity) - 2 March 2015

Texas Officials, Once Again, Warn Spring Breakers Not To Visit Mexico, by Allan Wall - 2 March 2015

U.S. Ambassador discusses Trade Future with Mexican Senate Panel, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 23 February 2015

The Most Violent County-like 'Municipios' in Mexican States, by Allan Wall - 23 February 2015

Self-Inflicted Misery and Tyranny among Latin America's Left, by Jerry Brewer - 23 February 2015

Bill Clinton: Education, Training are Keys to Improving Mexico's Economic Productivity (video), Laureate Summit on Youth & Productivity in Mexico, The Aspen Institute - 16 February 2015

'Mexico's Crisis is a Rare Opportunity for Domestic Rights Groups,' Advocate Says, by Karina Ansolabehere (openDemocracy) - 16 February 2015

A Larger Mexican Bureaucracy in order to Fight Corruption? by Luis Pazos - 16 February 2015

The Battle over Unlawful Gaming Machines in Mexico, Frontera NorteSur - 16 February 2015

Ten Mexican Cities, and Four in the USA, on 50 Most Murderous Cities List, by Allan Wall - 16 February 2015

Peña-Nieto Take Note: Mexicans are embracing Human Rights, by Jorge G. Castañeda (openDemocracy) - 9 February 2015

Mexican Actions to Prevent Corruption and Conflicts of Interest, Presidency of the Republic - 9 February 2015

Mexican Teachers Struggle, with many taking to the Streets, by Kent Paterson - 9 February 2015

Using Drones and Magnets, Drug Smugglers continue to Innovate, by Allan Wall - 9 February 2015

Remarks: U.S. Secretary of State with Canadian and Mexican Foreign Ministers, U.S. Department of State - 2 February 2015

Mexican President seeks to reverse Growing Addictions Trend, Presidency of the Republic - 2 February 2015

OAS Human Rights Commission to probe Missing Mexico Students, Organization of American States - 2 February 2015

A Mexican Utopia: The Rule of Law is Possible (book), by Luis Rubio, Wilson Center - 2 February 2015

Argentine President is again mired in Corruption Allegations, by Jerry Brewer - 2 February 2015

Latin America's Radical Left: Challenges and Complexities of Political Power in the Twenty-first Century (book), Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - 2 February 2015

'Sweeping Changes' to Mexico's Justice System and Human Rights, Presidency of the Republic - 26 January 2015

Mexico's Crisis: Between Accountability and Criminal Responsibility, by Veronica Michel (openDemocracy) - 26 January 2015

Are President Peña's Self-congratulations re Crime Deserved? by Patrick Corcoran (InSight Crime) - 26 January 2015

Citizen Security in Mexico: Getting Better or Getting Worse? (video), Alejandro Hope and David Shirk, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center - 26 January 2015

Mexican Presidency Announces Five Key Objectives for 2015, Presidency of the Republic Editorial Staff - 19 January 2015

Looming Promise, Perils and Pitfalls in Mexico's 2015 Economy, Frontera NorteSur - 19 January 2015

Is President Enrique Peña Nieto Calling the Tune in Mexico?, Barnard R. Thompson - 19 January 2015

Mexico has released its Crime Statistics for most of 2014, by Allan Wall - 19 January 2015

2014 Regional Homicide Trends in Latin America, by David Gagne (InSight Crime) - 19 January 2015

Why Relations between the USA and Mexico are Important, by Lic. Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico - 12 January 2015

Joint Statement: United States-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue, The White House - 12 January 2015

U.S.-Mexico Forum on Higher Education, Innovation and Research, U.S. Department of State - 12 January 2015

Proposed U.S.-Cuban Normalization: How might it affect Mexico? by Allan Wall - 12 January 2015

Mexican Deportees from the U.S. Returned to Dangerous Areas, Frontera NorteSur - 12 January 2015

Mexico and Canada Deepened their Diplomatic Ties in 2014, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 05 January 2015

Mexico works to strengthen Consular Services Abroad for Expatriates, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 05 January 2015

Mexico/California 'Undocumented Individuals' Licensing Accord, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 05 January 2015

Our Christmastime Visit to Mexico and Going to the Movies, by Allan Wall - 05 January 2015

The Western Hemisphere faces Serious Crime Challenges in 2015, by Jerry Brewer - 05 January 2015

2014: 'Mexico's Moment' Ends, leads to New Social Awakening, by Rafael Fernandez de Castro (Fusion) - 29 December 2014

Catholics in Mexico and Questions regarding the 'Right to Life,' by Renée de la Torre (openDemocracy) - 29 December 2014

Mexico, Guatemala and Belize are working for Area Betterment, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 29 December 2014

Evo Morales Denounces Mexico, calling it a 'Failed Model,' by Jerry Brewer - 29 December 2014

Mexico's Worldwide Relationships are becoming Opportunities, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 22 December 2014

Mexico's Beloved TV Personality 'Chespirito' Passes Away, by Allan Wall - 22 December 2014

Conflict and Want in Mexico's South Spur Guerrilla Worries, by Patrick Corcoran (InSight Crime) - 22 December 2014

Facts and Subterfuge regarding the U.S. and Cuba Proposals, by Jerry Brewer - 22 December 2014

USA comments at Summit of the Americas Anniversary Ceremony, John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State - 15 December 2014

One Victim of Mexico's Iguala Atrocity Finally Identified, by Allan Wall - 15 December 2014

The Plan for Mexico City's Unique and Imaginative New Airport, by Allan Wall - 08 December 2014

A Growing Political Insurgency due to Deaths and Disappearances in Mexico, Frontera NorteSur - 08 December 2014

The Police Reform Plan by Mexico's President is Unconvincing, by Patrick Corcoran (InSight Crime) - 08 December 2014

Latin America, Energy Matrices, and the Future of Climate Change, by Matthew Michaelides (Council on Foreign Relations) - 08 December 2014

Mexican President outlines Steps to Enhance the Rule of Law, Presidency of the Republic Staff - 01 December 2014

The Spoiled Fruits of the Left are also found in Mexico, by Luis Pazos - 01 December 2014

Our Summer 2014 Trip to Mexico and the Island-nation of Cuba, by Allan Wall - 01 December 2014

It's time for the Mexican President to Practice what is Preached, by Ben Leather - 24 November 2014

Good Mexico vs. Bad Mexico, by Moisés Naím (The Atlantic) - 24 November 2014

Protests over the Iguala Massacre continue throughout Mexico, by Allan Wall - 24 November 2014

The Sinister Secret Life of the 'Imperial Couple' of Iguala, by Paloma Corredor (VOXXI) - 24 November 2014

Mexico has Established Itself as a Responsible Global Player, Editorial Staff, Presidency of Mexico - 17 November 2014

The Iguala Massacre: Mexico's PR Message Goes Up in Flames, by Steven Dudley and David Gagne (Insight Crime) - 17 November 2014

The Persistence of Abductions, Violence and Death in Mexico, by Kent Paterson - 17 November 2014

In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Minors in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras with Parents Lawfully Present in the United States, U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Homeland Security - 17 November 2014

Yes: Violence and Murder Are Decreasing in Mexico, by Eduardo Guerrero (Americas Quarterly) - 10 November 2014

No: Mexican Homicide and Crime Rates Remain High, by Alejandro Hope (Americas Quarterly) - 10 November 2014

Mexico: Delays, Cover-Up Mar Atrocities Response, Human Rights Watch - 10 November 2014

Unconventional Threats South of the Border Imperil the USA, by Jerry Brewer - 10 November 2014

How Energy Reforms will help Mexico Grow (World Economic Forum), by Martin Feldstein - 03 November 2014

Leftists Protesting against the Left and their Own in Mexico, by Luis Pazos - 03 November 2014

The Iguala Disappearances and continuing Violence in Mexico, by Allan Wall - 03 November 2014

The Southbound Assault on Argentina by Organized Crime, by Jerry Brewer - 03 November 2014

The Iguala Atrocities send Shock Waves throughout Mexico, by Allan Wall - 27 October 2014

US Police Corrupted by Mexico's Cartels Along Border, by Jose Luis Pardo and Alejandra Inzunza (InSight Crime) - 27 October 2014

FARC cannot be trusted in Colombia's changeless Peace Talks, by Jerry Brewer - 27 October 2014

The Disappearance of Students Sparks Growing Outrage in Mexico, by Alejandro García de la Garza - 20 October 2014

A New Report Exposes and Weighs the 'Dirty Wars' in Mexico, by Kent Paterson - 20 October 2014

All of Mexico must Prevent Acts of Violence: President Peña Nieto, Presidency of the Republic - 20 October 2014

Seemingly Uncalled-for, Mexico Plans Justice Agency Changes, by Patrick Corcoran - 20 October 2014

Venezuela and Cuba are still Hemispheric Threats to Democracy, by Jerry Brewer - 20 October 2014

Outrage in Mexico as Disappeared Students' Bodies are Found, Frontera NorteSur - 13 October 2014

Guerreros Unidos, the New Face of Mexican Organized Crime? by David Gagne - 13 October 2014

Border Security in the 21st Century, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson - 13 October 2014

Within Eight Days, Mexican Authorities Capture Two Notorious Narcos, by Allan Wall - 13 October 2014

Mexico's Long Term Crime Suppression and Methodology Paradigm, by Jerry Brewer - 13 October 2014

Mexico Today: Student Resistance and Police Violence Echo 1968, Frontera NorteSur - 06 October 2014

Mexico Observes the 46th Anniversary of the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre, by Allan Wall - 06 October 2014

President Peña Nieto Confronts Renewed Violence in Mexico, Diana Villiers Negroponte (The Brookings Institution) - 06 October 2014

Sixth Meeting of the Mexico-China Binational Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 06 October 2014

Mexican President Peña Nieto Addresses the UN General Assembly, UN News Center - 29 September 2014

Mexican President Peña Nieto on 'Mexico at the UN,' The Presidency - 29 September 2014

Mexico's Future Participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations, Presidency of the Republic Staff - 29 September 2014

Mexico is working to End Poverty and Improve Law and Order, President Enrique Peña Nieto - 29 September 2014

Mexico Seeks to Protect Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Freedoms, Presidency of the Republic Staff - 29 September 2014

For Mexico, Addressing Climate Change is a State Commitment, Presidency of the Republic - 29 September 2014

Baja California Disaster Relief Fund (for devastation caused by Hurricane Odile), International Community Foundation - 22 September 2014

President Obama Announced his Intent to Nominate Maria Echaveste as Ambassador to Mexico, The White House - 22 September 2014

Mexico's Slim, World's Richest Man, must Deal with Reforms, by Allan Wall - 22 September 2014

Gangs have become the Hatchet Men for Drug Cartels in Mexico, by Elyssa Pachico - 22 September 2014

Mexico City's New Airport - Something Of and For the Future, by Erick Lappin (VOXXI) - 15 September 2014

Mexico City's New Airport Project (Nuevo Aeropuerto de la Ciudad de México), an informational composite - in Spanish, Ministry of Communications and Transportation - 15 September 2014

The Mexico-Canada Partnership Meeting Concludes in Calgary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 15 September 2014

Mexico Condemns the Irresponsible Use of Border Security for Political Purposes, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 15 September 2014

U.S. Official: 'The Situation along the Southwest Border,' Secretary Jeh Johnson, Department of Homeland Security - 15 September 2014

Attorneys General Discuss Trafficking of Migrant Children, U.S. Embassy, Mexico - 15 September 2014

President Heralds Reforms and Changes Taking Place in Mexico, Presidency of the Republic - 08 September 2014

An Equal and Opposite Reaction? Xi's Grand Tour of the Americas, China Brief, The Jamestown Foundation - 08 September 2014

Russia's Putin in Latin America: A New Era of Cooperation? by Veronika Clegg and Peter Clegg (E-International Relations) - 08 September 2014

Mexican Bodies of Water, their Environs and Denizens All at Risk, Frontera NorteSur - 08 September 2014

Conspiracies, Plots and Forward-looking Mexican Drug Lords, by James Bargent - 08 September 2014

Second State of the Mexican Government Report - 2013-2014 / Informe, (index page for information, programs and reforms, in Spanish), Presidency of the Republic - 01 September 2014

Popular Abroad, Mexican President's Ratings Nose Dive at Home, Frontera NorteSur - 01 September 2014

The Need for Well Trained and Well Armed Police in the Americas, by Jerry Brewer - 01 September 2014

California Governor Brown Scored a Diplomatic Coup in Mexico, by Kent Paterson - 25 August 2014

U.S. Envoy Avows a Bright Future before Mexican Senate Panel, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 25 August 2014

Mexican President's Security Initiatives are Boldly Promising, by Jerry Brewer - 25 August 2014

Mexican President Lauds Lower Murder Rate but Problems Persist, by Patrick Corcoran - 25 August 2014

Potential Pitfalls in Mexico's Historic Energy Reform, by Allan Wall - 25 August 2014

The United States and Mexico: Forging a Special Relationship, by Samir Tata (ISN) - 18 August 2014

The Voices of Mexico's Indigenous Peoples are being Heard Anew, Frontera NorteSur - 18 August 2014

U.S. Envoy helps to launch Indigenous Youth Forums in Mexico, U.S. Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 18 August 2014

Mining Giant 'Grupo Mexico' Befouls Northern Sonora Rivers, Frontera NorteSur - 18 August 2014

Mexico's Energy Reforms Become Law, by Diana Villiers Negroponte (The Brookings Institution) - 18 August 2014

Mexico Institute: Energy Reform Series - The Expert Take, Wilson Center - 18 August 2014

With Historic Legislation, Mexico's Energy Sector is Reformed, by Allan Wall - 18 August 2014

A 60 percent Decrease in the Number of U.S. Government Agents in Mexico, Gustavo Castillo Garcia - 11 August 2014

Mexican Farming and Agricultural Area Reforms are Expected, Víctor Chávez - 11 August 2014

Misguided Strategies versus Barbarities South of the Border, by Jerry Brewer - 11 August 2014

U.S. Envoy to Mexico discusses California-Mexico Relations, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 04 August 2014

USA and Mexican Presidents once again Discuss Migrant Children, The White House - 28 July 2014

Mexican Oppositionists and the Quest for Government Funding, by Luis Pazos - 28 July 2014

Mexican Fracking Opponents Lose a Big Round in the Senate, Frontera NorteSur - 28 July 2014

Debunking Claims of Terrorist Ingress via the Mexican Border, by Scott Stewart - 28 July 2014

Russia Rejoins Cuba's Espionage Apparatchik in the Americas, by Jerry Brewer - 21 July 2014

Mexico's New Parties may bring Modern Faces to Old Politics, by Adriana Peralta - 21 July 2014

The Netherlands knocked-out Mexico in Round of 16 at World Cup, by Allan Wall - 21 July 2014

Migrant Children Brave the Perils and Plans of Mexico and the USA, by Barnard R. Thompson - 14 July 2014

The Politics of Organized Crime Killings of Mayors in Mexico, by Patrick Corcoran - 14 July 2014

The Ongoing Expansion of Organized Crime in the Americas, by Jerry Brewer - 14 July 2014

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico: July 4 Official Reception Remarks, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 07 July 2014

Venezuelan Rulers and their Menacingly Evil Axes of Deception, by Jerry Brewer - 07 July 2014

Mexico's Secondary Law Provides a Path Forward for New Investments in the Hydrocarbons Sector, by Diana Villiers Negroponte (Brookings) - 30 June 2014

Border Interdiction Actions Face Moral and Ethical Hurdles, by Jerry Brewer - 30 June 2014

Team Mexico is off to a Good Start at the World Cup in Brazil, by Allan Wall - 23 June 2014

Calakmul, Mexico: Ancient Mayan City and Tropical Forest named to World Heritage List, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 23 June 2014

The U.S.-Mexico Binational Working Group Meets in Arizona, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 23 June 2014

Mexico Joins the Latin American Integrated Market (MILA), Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 23 June 2014

Mexico's Police Outdo Even Politicians for Corruption, by Adriana Peralta (PanAm Post) - 23 June 2014

Evaluating the Zetas' Legacy and Diversification in Mexico, by Patrick Corcoran - 23 June 2014

USA, Mexico and Central American Cross-Border Security Threats, by Jerry Brewer - 23 June 2014

Unaccompanied Migrant Children - 'A Tragedy of Enormous Proportions,' Alberto Aguirre M. (El Economista) - 16 June 2014

President Obama's Response to the Influx of Alien Children, President Barack Obama - 16 June 2014

Did President Obama's Rhetoric Create the Mess on the Border? Silvio Canto Jr. - 16 June 2014

DHS Statement on Influx of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children, Jeh Johnson, Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security - 16 June 2014

About Unaccompanied Refugee Minors, Office of Refugee Resettlement, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - 16 June 2014

Unaccompanied Children cross the Border, Create a Humanitarian Crisis, VOXXI - 16 June 2014

Mexico's Conflicting Migration Policy Goals: National Security and Human Rights, by Sonja Wolf, Sustainable Security - 16 June 2014

Mexico is on its way to the 2014 World Cup Games in Brazil, by Allan Wall - 09 June 2014

Mexican President Highlights Actions to Accelerate Growth, Presidency of the Republic - 09 June 2014

Great Britain and Mexico held High Level Economic Talks, British Embassy Mexico City - 09 June 2014

Hemispheric Crime, Risks to Mexico and Counterinsurgency Needs, by Jerry Brewer - 09 June 2014

Mexico's Oil and Taxes, by Shannon K. O'Neil (Council on Foreign Relations) - 02 June 2014

President Obama's Lasting Indifference towards Latin America, by W. Alejandro Sanchez, VOXXI - 02 June 2014

Is Resurging Violence in Ciudad Juarez a Straw in the Wind? Frontera NorteSur - 02 June 2014

How Federal Security Deployments in Mexico are Set Up to Fail, by Patrick Corcoran (InSight Crime) - 02 June 2014

Will El Salvador's New Government Bring Back Law and Order? by Jerry Brewer - 02 June 2014

House Hearing: The Future of U.S.-Mexico Relations, House of Representatives' Committee on Foreign Affairs - 26 May 2014

Remarks by US Secretary of State and Mexico's Foreign Minister, U.S. Department of State - 26 May 2014

Comments by Secretary Kerry at 'CleanTech Challenge' in Mexico, U.S. Department of State - 26 May 2014

State Drug-Courts in Mexico, Innovative or Window Dressing? by Marcela Estrada - 26 May 2014

Cartel Violence Anew in Mexico and Los Zetas Push for a Comeback, by George W. Grayson - 26 May 2014

US Congressman wants Assessment of Gun Trafficking to Mexico, Office of Congressman Eliot Engel - 26 May 2014

Public Perceptions Exacerbate Security Problems in Mexico, by Patrick Corcoran - 26 May 2014

Mexico's Commitment: to be a 'World-class Tourist Destination,' Presidency of the Republic Staff - 12 May 2014

Saluting Mothers, Peña Nieto Outlines Programs for Women, Presidency of the Republic Staff - 12 May 2014

U.S. Secretary of State Addresses Conference of the Americas, U.S. State Department - 12 May 2014

Mexican President's Popularity Slipping despite Security Gains, by Patrick Corcoran - 12 May 2014

Mexico's Need to Secure Borders and Harness Organized Crime, by Jerry Brewer - 12 May 2014

Mexico Is Not Colombia - Alternative Historical Analogies for Responding to the Challenge of Violent Drug-Trafficking Organizations - Rand Corporation - 12 May 2014

China Sets its Sights on Latin America, Starting with Venezuela, by María Teresa Romero - 12 May 2014

Mexico and Caribbean States meet to Advance Partnerships, Presidency of Mexico's Editorial Staff - 05 May 2014

Mexico's Carlos Slim is No Longer the World's Wealthiest Man, by Allan Wall - 05 May 2014

Confronting Transnational Drug Smuggling: An Assessment of Regional Partnerships, Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives - 05 May 2014

U.S. Border Security Demands Real and Sensible Priorities, by Jerry Brewer - 05 May 2014

The Life and Legacy of Latin America's Gabriel Garcia Marquez, by Allan Wall - 28 April 2014

Mexico and the US Sign Agreement on Small Business Cooperation, Embassy of the United States - Mexico - 28 April 2014

Are Current Policies creating New Economic Crises in Mexico? Frontera NorteSur - 28 April 2014

Mexico and the U.S. sign Anti-Weapons of Mass Destruction Accord, Embassy of the United States - Mexico - 28 April 2014

The Political Capital of Crime Groups in Mexico and the Politics of Anti-crime Measures, by John P. Sullivan (Small Wars Journal) - 28 April 2014

U.S. Envoy to Mexico Addresses Forum on Migrant Persons and Policies, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 21 April 2014

U.S. Senators Discuss Trafficking in Persons with Mexican Leaders, U.S. Embassy - Mexico - 21 April 2014

Mexican Drug Cartel Clashes are Exploding Anew in Tamaulipas, Frontera NorteSur - 21 April 2014

Central American Criminal and Terrorism Nexuses are Maturing, by Jerry Brewer - 21 April 2014

The USA and Mexico hold Bilateral Talks on Human Rights, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 14 April 2014

U.S. Official Comments on Drugs, Security and Latin America, William R. Brownfield - 14 April 2014

Narco-Cities: Mexico and Beyond, by John P. Sullivan (Small Wars Journal) - 14 April 2014

Governance in Central America and Criminality in El Salvador, by Jerry Brewer - 14 April 2014

Spain vs. Catalonia's Bid for Independence: An Iberian Dilemma, by Fernando Betancor - 14 April 2014

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Lauds Bilateral Education and Research, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 07 April 2014

Mexico's 'New' Electoral Institute has Broadened Authority, by Allan Wall - 07 April 2014

An Inside Look at Drug Lord 'El Chapo' and the Sinaloa Cartel, by Patrick Corcoran - 07 April 2014

U.S.-Mexico Colorado River Water Release - Unprecedented Cooperation, U.S. Embassy, Mexico City - 31 March 2014

Radiation Leak in New Mexico a Concern South of the Border, Frontera NorteSur - 31 March 2014

Report Puts Guatemala National Police Under the Microscope, by Patrick Corcoran - 31 March 2014

U.S. Views on the 21st Century Border, Economy and Tourism, Jeh Johnson, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security - 24 March 2014

A Primer: Mexico Energy Reforms, Vianovo & Council on Foreign Relations - 24 March 2014

Mexican Presidency Outlines Some Benefits of Energy Reform, Presidency of the Republic Staff - 24 March 2014

Renewing Acapulco, Busing, and -- Mexico's First Woman President? by Kent Paterson - 24 March 2014

The Flaws at the Heart of Mexico's Crime Prevention Strategy, by Patrick Corcoran - 24 March 2014

Nine Mexican Cities Listed among the World's Most Violent, by Allan Wall - 24 March 2014

Bringing back the Sparkle to Acapulco, a Mexican Tourism Gem, by Kent Paterson - 17 March 2014

Must-have Mexican Limes, Gangsters and Yellow Dragon Disease, Frontera NorteSur - 17 March 2014

Human Rights and an Aging 'New Latin American Left,' by César Rodríguez-Garavito - 17 March 2014

Security Plans along the Border and Electioneering in Texas, by Jerry Brewer - 17 March 2014

Mexican 'Kremlinology' and the Public Sector, by George Baker - 10 March 2014

The Truth Commission of Guerrero, Mexico Readies Final Report, by Kent Paterson - 10 March 2014

Victims of Crime in Mexico must not suffer due to Impunity, by Jerry Brewer - 10 March 2014

Mexican Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Guzman remains in the Limelight, by Allan Wall - 10 March 2014

Mexican President Praises Cooperation in Reducing Violence, Presidency of the Republic Staff - 03 March 2014

Militarized Security and Mexico's Gamble on Vigilante Groups, by Sarah Kinosian - 03 March 2014

Mexico Must Not Confuse its Own Crime Fighting Mission, by Jerry Brewer - 03 March 2014

In Tropical Mexico, Rumors Cause People to Fear for their Children, by Kent Paterson - 03 March 2014

Mexico's One Man Winter Olympics Team and Haute Style Leader, by Allan Wall - 03 March 2014

Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman Captured in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, by Allan Wall - 24 February 2014

Mexico Captures Sinaloa Cartel Boss 'Chapo' Guzman, Associated Press - 24 February 2014

Noose Closed on Mexican Drug Lord as Allies Fell, Associated Press - 24 February 2014

New Victims of the Mexican Drug Cartels, by Eve Pearce - 24 February 2014

Mexicans Fear Lawful Social Protests could be Criminalized, by Alejandro Garcia de la Garza - 24 February 2014

Protests Continue in Venezuela against a Nightmarish Regime, by Jerry Brewer - 24 February 2014

Medical Tourism has become a Thriving Business in Mexico, by Kent Paterson - 17 February 2014

Mexican President Sees new 'Pacific Alliance' as the best since NAFTA, Presidency of the Republic Staff - 17 February 2014

"Mayhem in Michoacán Mexico," by George Grayson, E-Notes, Foreign Policy Research Institute - 17 February 2014

Mexico's Oil Reform May Help Organized Crime, by Patrick Corcoran - 17 February 2014

The Cuban Model versus a Burgeoning Opposition in Venezuela, by Jerry Brewer - 17 February 2014

Deported by the USA to Mexico: the Girl from 'Guajajalmiton,' by Kent Paterson - 10 February 2014

Mexico Outlines New Features in its Transparency Reforms, Presidency of the Republic Staff - 10 February 2014

Murder and Violence in Mexico and its Security Dilemma, by Alejandro Garcia de la Garza - 10 February 2014

Is Mexico's 'El Chapo' Making a Move against his Cartel Partner? by David C. Martínez-Amador - 10 February 2014

El Salvador Voters Perplexed Between the Left and the Right, by Jerry Brewer - 10 February 2014

Mexico Validates Political, Electoral and Related Reforms, Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico - 03 February 2014

Renewed and Growing Interest in Mexico as a Free Trade Partner, Frontera NorteSur - 03 February 2014

Evidence Points to a Developing Pact between Gangs in Mexico, by Patrick Corcoran - 03 February 2014

Edward Snowden, a Party to Subverting Nations in Latin America, by Jerry Brewer - 03 February 2014

Mexico is a Country that is On the Move and Transforming, Presidency of the Republic - 27 January 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII and Mexican National Football League Fans, by Allan Wall - 27 January 2014

Cuba's CELAC Summit: Masking the Truth of a Failed Diplomacy, by Jerry Brewer - 27 January 2014

The True Causes for Latin America's Social Inequality, by Carlos Sabino, PanAm Post - 27 January 2014

Secretary Kerry meets with Mexican and Canadian Counterparts, U.S. Department of State - 20 January 2014

In Mexico, Self-defense Forces put the Rule of Law at Risk, Editorial Commentary from El Financiero - 20 January 2014

Crime and Insecurity may be the Achilles Heel of Mexican Reforms, Frontera NorteSur - 20 January 2014

Mexican States are not using Available Police Reform Resources, by Patrick Corcoran, InSight Crime - 20 January 2014

El Salvador and the Hemispheric Impact of its Looming Election, by Jerry Brewer - 20 January 2014

NAFTA and the Future of Canada, Mexico and the USA, by Marc Lanthemann - 13 January 2014

Comments on the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue, Americas Society/Council of the Americas - 13 January 2014

Mexican President Announces Major Farm and Ranch Area Reforms in 2014, Presidency of the Republic - 13 January 2014

Our Christmastime Visit to Mexico and Seeing 'The Hobbit,' by Allan Wall - 13 January 2014

Why Is Latin America So Corrupt? by Charles Parkinson (InSight Crime) - 13 January 2014

Crime and the Systemic Failures of Government in Venezuela, by Jerry Brewer - 13 January 2014

Mexico is Active in Global Development Cooperation Projects, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 06 January 2014

2013: A Year of Achievements in Protecting Mexicans Abroad, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 06 January 2014

Officials Report a Growing Presence of Mara Gangs in Mexico, by Patrick Corcoran - 06 January 2014

Sizing Up Mexico's 2013 Statistics on Killings and Violence, by Allan Wall - 06 January 2014

The Rogue Political Regime in Cuba is Unlikely to Change, by Jerry Brewer - 06 January 2014

Mexico 2013: End of the Year Reflections and the Year to Come, by Allan Wall - 30 December 2013

President Enrique Peña Nieto on Mexico's Reforms of 2013 (video) - 30 December 2013

Mexico Strengthened its International Presence in 2013, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 30 December 2013

InSight Crime Game Changers 2013, Tracking the Evolution of Organized Crime in the Americas, InSight Crime - 30 December 2013

The Americas Must Confront Hemispheric Difficulties in 2014, by Jerry Brewer - 30 December 2013

Mexico's 2013 Energy Reforms (effective Dec. 21, 2013; in Spanish, with English bookmarks), Energia.com - 23 December 2013

Mexico's Historic Energy Reform is Approved and on Track, by Allan Wall - 23 December 2013

Observations and Questions as NAFTA Reaches 20 Years of Age, by George Baker - 23 December 2013

Corrupting Influences are taking a Toll on this Hemisphere, by Jerry Brewer - 23 December 2013

U.S. Envoy to Mexico Covers Varied Subjects at Wilson Center, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 16 December 2013

Mexican Congress Approves Revolutionary Energy and Election Reforms, by Allan Wall - 16 December 2013

Guerrillas and Gangs Exploit their Agendas in Latin America, by Jerry Brewer - 16 December 2013

Mexico Energy Intelligence: Interview with Mexico's Energy Regulatory Commission President Francisco Salazar, Energia.com - 09 December 2013

U.S. Ambassador Discusses Child Exploitation and the Internet, Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne - 09 December 2013

Enrique Peña Nieto Completes his First Year as Mexican President, by Allan Wall - 09 December 2013

Mexican President announces 'Border Zone Support Program,' President Enrique Peña Nieto - 02 December 2013

An Open 'Human Rights Watch' Letter to the President of Mexico, Human Rights Watch - 02 December 2013

The Acquisition of Military Grade Weapons by Mexican Criminal Cartels, Small Wars Journal - 02 December 2013

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Britain Repeats: 'The UK's retreat from Latin America is over,' Hugo Swire - 19 November 2012

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Art, Culture, Coffee and Recovery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, by Kent Paterson - 8 October 2012

Mexico's Catholic Church seeks the Election of Priests to Public Office, by Rodrigo Vera - 01 October 2012

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What the PRI Must Learn About the Mexican Energy Sector, Energia.com - 24 September 2012

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Organized Crime and Other Threats to the Western Hemisphere, by Jerry Brewer - 24 September 2012

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Criminals, Gangs and Terror Networks Interact in the Americas, by Jerry Brewer - 17 September 2012

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Organization of American States' Committee against Terrorism Fights Cybersecurity Threats, Anne Witkowsky - 17 September 2012

A Summary of the Mexican President's State of the Nation Address on September 3, Presidency of the Republic - 10 September 2012

The Mexican Navy is Spearheading the War vs. Organized Crime, by George W. Grayson - 10 September 2012

Help Needed to get Mexican Drug Traffickers 'Out of the Game,' by Patrick Corcoran - 10 September 2012

Officially, Mexico has a President-elect and a New Congress, by Allan Wall - 10 September 2012

Democracy Remains at Risk in Venezuela's Upcoming Election, by Jerry Brewer - 10 September 2012

Sep. 3, 2011: Mexico's Sixth State of the Nation Report
MexiData.info note:
On September 1, 2012, Mexican President Felipe Calderón sent his Sixth (and final) State of the Nation Report, the Informe, to Congress, as required by law. Senators and Deputies in Mexico's latest bicameral legislature inaugurated the 62nd Congress of the Union with their first session on the same day, and accepted the Report. The Informe
and its attachments (in Spanish) are accessible via the link below.  As well, President Calderón is scheduled to give his State of the Nation Address on Monday, September 3, 2012.
     In the run-up to the President's annual report, several snippets were broadcast on TV and via the social media, three of which were translated by the President's Office and are shown below.

Mexico: Sixth State of the Nation Address (in Spanish), President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa - 3 September 2012

Mexico: Sixth State of the Nation Report (in Spanish), Presidency of the Republic - 3 September 2012

Mexican State of the Nation Report - Clip re Security, President Felipe Calderón - 3 September 2012

Mexican State of the Nation Report - Clip re Health Coverage, President Felipe Calderón - 3 September 2012

Mexican State of the Nation Report - Clip re the Economy, President Felipe Calderón - 3 September 2012

Of Chinese Snakeheads and Mexican Coyotes: The Globalization of Crime-Terror Pipelines, by Vanessa Neumann - 3 September 2012

Organized Crime & Gangs in the Americas pose National Threats, by Jerry Brewer - 3 September 2012

Mexico's Strategy and its Growth as a Leading Economic Power, by George Friedman - 27 August 2012

Mexican Olympians Won Seven Medals, including Soccer Gold, by Allan Wall - 27 August 2012

Cuban Dissidents Condemn Castro's Chronic Rights Violations, by Jerry Brewer - 27 August 2012

The Newly Elected Mayor of Busy Mexico City will take office in December, by Allan Wall - 20 August 2012

Distress in Mexico City as Siqueiros and a Theater Disappear, by George Thomas Clark - 20 August 2012

Is Extreme Narco-violence in Mexico Terrorism? A Dialogue between Howard Campbell and Tobin Hansen - 20 August 2012

'Criminal Insurgency' is a Growing Threat in Central America, by David C. Eckley - 20 August 2012

The WikiLeaks' Founder and Tyrannical Friends in South America, by Jerry Brewer - 20 August 2012

Mexico's Reborn Youth Movement is Spreading Internationally, Frontera NorteSur - 13 August 2012

Mexico's Post-election Protests: Justified or by Sore Losers? by Allan Wall - 13 August 2012

Mexico's Supreme Court and Reforming the Military Justice System, by José Miguel Vivanco - 13 August 2012

U.S. Court Finds Mexican Ex-Governor Guilty of Money Laundering, by Patrick Corcoran - 13 August 2012

As Venezuela Burns Chavez Meddles in Argentina-British Affairs, by Jerry Brewer - 13 August 2012

Mexico Inaugurates Wine Museum, Baja California Wine Route Highway Upgrades, Presidency of the Republic - 6 August 2012

USA Ambassador to Mexico says Economies are Getting Better, U.S. Embassy, Mexico - 6 August 2012

Mexican Town Battles Livelihood Takeovers by Criminal Gangs, by Patrick Corcoran - 6 August 2012

United Efforts a must to Curb Crime and Terror in the Americas, by Jerry Brewer - 6 August 2012

Gallup: Latin Americans Least Likely Worldwide to Feel Safe, by Clancy Bertane - 6 August 2012

Taking Stock of the July 2012 Mexican Election Results, by Allan Wall - 23 July 2012

Banking Trails Informal Savings and Credit in Latin America, by Leora Klapper and Krista Hoff, Gallup - 23 July 2012

Are Spooky Google Geeks Planning Covert Ops in Mexico? by Steven Dudley - 23 July 2012

New Mexican Leader must maintain Fight vs. 'Organized Crime,' by Jerry Brewer - 23 July 2012

Likely New USA Southcom Commander on Western Hemisphere Security, by Cheryl Pellerin - 23 July 2012

Mexican Cartels are able to Rework their Arms Acquisitions, by Scott Stewart - 16 July 2012

Oliver Stone Presents Mexican Drug War Fabrications as Facts, by Patrick Corcoran - 16 July 2012

More than the Presidency was at stake in Mexico's Elections, by Allan Wall - 16 July 2012

Is the Argentinean Nation being led into a Leftist Abyss?, by Jerry Brewer - 16 July 2012

Mexico: 2012 Presidential and Congressional Election Results (text in Spanish), Federal Electoral Institute - 09 July 2012

A Win for Democracy, with Checks and Balances, in Mexico, by Andrew Selee - 09 July 2012

Recounting Mexico's Election and the PRI/Peña Nieto Triumph, by Allan Wall - 09 July 2012

Mexico's 2012 Elections, Feedback, and Future Youth Protests, by Kent Paterson - 09 July 2012

'Chapo' Guzman Declares Himself President of Mexico, [Satire] by George Thomas Clark - 09 July 2012

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U.S. and Mexican Presidents Hold Press Briefing, The White House - 07 March 2011

Officials See Improved Anti-Crime Teamwork with Mexico, U.S. Department of State - 07 March 2011

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Farmers' Markets May Be Finding Their Niche in Mexico, by Kent Paterson - 29 November 2010

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IV Report of Government (Informe) • 2010 Message to the Nation


Mexican President gives Annual State of the Union Address, President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa - 06 September 2010

National Media Messages (English)

Economic Growth in Mexico is Creating Additional Jobs, Media Spots by President Felipe Calderon - 06 September 2010

Mexican President Discusses Security in Speech to Nation, Media Spots by President Felipe Calderon - 06 September 2010

The Continuing Growth of Mexico's Highway Infrastructure, Media Spots by President Felipe Calderon - 06 September 2010

Mexico Continues to Work towards Universal Health Care, Media Spots by President Felipe Calderon - 06 September 2010

Presidential Message on Mexico's Hospital Infrastructure, Media Spots by President Felipe Calderon - 06 September 2010

Spanish / Espaņol

IV Report of Government (738 pages, with five central themes that include 59 points; .pdf), Presidency of the Republic - 06 September 2010

Mexican President's Message to the Nation (in Spanish), Speech by President Felipe Calderon, September 6, 2010

Video replay of President Calderón's IV Report of Government (Informe) speech; Spot Summaries; IV Report of Government; Statistical Attachment; prior Annual Reports, Presidency of the Republic - 06 September 2010

Ten Points in order to Transform Mexico: Results - 1/ Poverty Fight; 2/ Universal Health Care; 3/ Quality Education; 4/ Public Finances and Austerity; 5/ Economic Reform; 6/ Telecommunications Reform; 7/ Labor Reform; 8/ Regulatory Reform; 9/ Crime Fight; and 10/ Political Reform - 06 September 2010


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Challenge the Arizona Law? I'll believe it when I see it, 'My View' by Silvio Canto, Jr. - 28 June 2010

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Mexico's Police Strategies Must Shift to a Terrorism Model, by Jerry Brewer - 21 June 2010

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U.S. Police along Mexican Border can't do the Feds Job, by Kent Paterson - 21 June 2010

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'Press Freedom in the Americas,' House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere - 21 June 2010

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United States Policy on 'Opportunity in the Americas,' U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton - 14 June 2010

Millions of Mexicans say they want to Migrate to the USA, by Jon Clifton - 14 June 2010

Mexico's Proposed Police Force Model Requires Impetus, by Jerry Brewer - 14 June 2010

Academics bring the Mexican Revolution to El Paso, Texas, by Kent Paterson - 14 June 2010

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Mexican Lorena Ochoa, World's #1 Woman Golfer, Retires, by Allan Wall - 31 May 2010

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California Boaters and the Mexican Navy Working Together, by Ken Franke - 03 May 2010

Many States are Working to Better Control Immigration, by Saskia Sassen - 03 May 2010

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TEXT: "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act," SB 1070, State of Arizona - 03 May 2010

Mexico as Part of Narco-terrorists Ideology of Greed, by Jerry Brewer - 03 May 2010

Working Together Mexico & the US Can Secure the Border, by David Danelo - 26 April 2010

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How the Mexican Media Became Quasi-Public Servants, by George Baker - 26 April 2010

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Threats against Human Rights Defenders in Guerrero, Mexico, Washington Office on Latin America - 05 April 2010

Celebrating Easter, 'Pascua de Resurrección,' in Mexico, by Allan Wall - 29 March 2010

Merida U.S.-Mexico High Level Consultative Group Meeting, U.S. Department of State - 29 March 2010

Mexico, U.S. Ratify Commitment to Fight Organized Crime, Mexican Foreign Ministry - 29 March 2010

Merida Initiative: Confronting Violence in Ciudad Juarez, US Embassy Mexico City - 29 March 2010

U.S. Dollars Alone will not end the Drug War in Mexico, by Jerry Brewer - 29 March 2010

Should TV 'Narco-novelas' be banned in Latin America?, by Patrick Corcoran - 22 March 2010

'Spillover' Violence ranges beyond the U.S.-Mexico Border, by Jerry Brewer - 22 March 2010

Mexico's PEMEX, et alii: Orwellian 'Mexspeak' vs. English, by George Baker - 22 March 2010

With all of its Mystique, See Pancho Villa's Last Saddle, by Allan Wall - 22 March 2010

U.S. Envoy Speaks at American Chamber's National Meeting, Ambassador Carlos Pascual - 15 March 2010

President Pledges Incentives for Filmmaking in Mexico, by Brian Flock - 15 March 2010

The Angst and Ordeals of Immigration Law in the U.S., by Kent Paterson - 15 March 2010

Cross Border Reservation Drug Trafficking Sentence Enhancement Act(s) of 2009 (and 2010), U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives - 15 March 2010

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Secretary Clinton: Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, Hillary Rodham Clinton - 08 March 2010

'Family Winemakers Tasting' coming to Del Mar March 14, 'Vino-Tourism' by Steve Dryden - 08 March 2010

The Death of a Mexican Drug Lord: What might it mean?, by George W. Grayson - 01 March 2010

Bonus Rains could mean a Banner Year for Mexican Wines, 'Vino-Tourism' by Steve Dryden - 01 March 2010

Partisan Politics and Opposition to Gay Marriage in Mexico, by Patrick Corcoran - 22 February 2010

A Noted Expert Assesses Latin America and the U.S. Today, by Susan Kaufman Purcell - 22 February 2010

Obama and Latin America: The Curse of Domestic Politics, by Juan Gabriel Tokatlian - 22 February 2010

Less than half of Americans view Mexico Favorably: Gallup, by Lydia Saad - 22 February 2010

The Youth Time Bomb is Ticking Away in Mexico and the US, by Kent Paterson - 15 February 2010

The Paso Robles Wine Tasting Tour is coming to San Diego, 'Vino-Tourism' by Steve Dryden - 15 February 2010

The Underworld, a Growing Place for Jobs in Honduras, by Samuel Logan - 15 February 2010

US Immigration: 'Normalization' vs. Comprehensive Reform, by Rosa Martha Villarreal - 08 February 2010

Mexican Ex-official's Drug War Narrative Uncorroborated, by Patrick Corcoran - 08 February 2010

An Interview with one of Mexico's Premier Winemakers, 'Vino-Tourism' by Steve Dryden - 08 February 2010

The Push is on to Move Paraguay into the Leftist Camp, by Jerry Brewer - 08 February 2010

Obama's State of the Union and Ignoring Latin America, by Jaime Daremblum - 1 February 2010

Mexico may become a major 'Medical Tourism' Destination, by Kent Paterson - 1 February 2010

U.S.-Mexico Framework on Clean Energy and Climate Change, by Roberta Jacobson - 1 February 2010

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Terrorism Roots in the Tri-border Area of South America, by Jerry Brewer - 1 February 2010

Some Strange Bedfellows in This Year's Mexican Elections, by Patrick Corcoran - 25 January 2010

Wrongdoing Claims Surface Quickly in Mexican Campaign, by Barnard R. Thompson - 25 January 2010

Ensenada is emerging as Mexico's Wine and Gourmet Capital, 'Vino-Tourism' by Steve Dryden - 25 January 2010

The DEA Uncovers a Latin America-Africa Drug-Terror Nexus, by Samuel Logan - 25 January 2010

Morales of Bolivia Parrots Venezuela's Leftist Rhetoric, by Jerry Brewer - 25 January 2010

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Mexico's Security Apparatus Must Guard against Apathy, by Jerry Brewer - 11 January 2010

Our Christmas Vacation with Family and Friends in Mexico, by Allan Wall - 11 January 2010

A Review of U.S. Activities in the Western Hemisphere, by Arturo A. Valenzuela - 11 January 2010

Mexican Drug War Success hangs on Targeting Overlords, by Patrick Corcoran - 28 December 2009

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Third Annual Report of Government - Message to the Nation (Informe)

  • English

Third State of the Union Address on National Television, President Felipe Calderón - 07 September 2009

  • President's Addresses by Subject

  • Links to complete Tercer Informe de Gobierno, in Spanish

Third Government Report, (Tercer Informe de Gobierno, in Spanish)


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New Mexico State University to Host Immigration Conference, by Kent Paterson (03/17/08)

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