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Monday, September 8, 2014

President Heralds Reforms and Changes Taking Place in Mexico

Presidency of the Republic Staff

·  Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto: We pledged to move Mexico, and we are delivering; Mexico is moving forward.


President Enrique Peña Nieto stressed that, “Today Mexico is changing, and doing so in a democracy on the basis of dialogue and agreements.” In this collective effort, he added, “We all have something to contribute. Change must be the work and commitment of society as a whole.”


He said no one should be excluded from this transformation. “We have to take responsibility, and at the same time understand that Mexico is its people; a better country depends on the efforts of each and every Mexican.”


Addressing political, economic and social leaders and in the presence of his wife, Angelica Rivera Peña, and children, President Peña Nieto stressed that, “This is a profound change, and perhaps even more demanding than all the others, since it involves a change of attitude and mentality and a cultural change.”


“We have a better country and a better Mexico within us. We can contribute to the transformation of Mexico at any time and in any place. What is required is to love Mexico and work for it, with firm convictions and principles,” he said.


He said that the foundations had been laid, and called on all Mexicans to continue “to construct the great nation we all want.”


“This was decided by Mexico, the Mexico of today that is not afraid of change, the Mexico that believes in what we are, which trusts in its increasingly active, proactive and vigilant citizenry. This has been decided by the Mexico of institutions that dared to change and now has its sights set on the future,” he said.


The president recalled that on December 1, 2012, in his Inauguration, “We pledged to build a Mexico with greater opportunities for all, admitting that we were not starting from scratch.”


“Mexicans had institutional strengths and economic stability, and openness to the world with a more participatory society, but we also faced decades-old lags and serious constraints on national development that undermined Mexicans’ quality of life. So that day there was also a broad collective desire to change course,” he said.


He declared that, “The reform process was not easy; we had to overcome many difficulties, interests and resistances.” The point is that Mexico did not stop and the drive to transform continued its course. Now, by implementing these reforms, their effects, outcomes and benefits will begin to be seen and felt throughout the country.”


He explained that, “In a democracy, it was possible to achieve the reforms Mexico had needed for decades. These 11 sweeping reforms are the basis for building a new Mexico in the years to come.”


He said that, “Mexico is moving toward peace, inclusion and quality education. Mexico is moving towards prosperity and global responsibility.”


The president said that today, “Mexico is moving towards peace, because we are working to achieve a safer, more peaceful country, in which everyone enjoys the rights enshrined in the Constitution.”


“Mexico is moving towards inclusion to overcome hunger and poverty, and thus have a basic level of social well-being.


“Mexico is moving towards quality education for responsible, committed men and women, prepared to compete and be successful,” he said.


“Mexico is moving toward greater global leadership in order for its foreign policy to help promote national development.


“Mexico is moving towards prosperity to create higher-paying jobs, and ensure that the benefits of reforms are felt in the economy of Mexican families.”


He stated that, “Today, Mexico is already in motion. If there is one thing we must be clear about, it is that this is not the country it was before. This is the Mexico that has already dared to change.”



Presidency of the Republic, Mexico, DF, Sep. 4, 2014; translation by Presidency of the Republic

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