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Monday, March 3, 2014

Mexican President Praises Cooperation in Reducing Violence

Presidency of the Republic Staff

National Governors' Conference

On February 26, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto stressed the importance of greater, more effective coordination between the security agencies of the Federal Government, and between the latter and state governments. This has permitted, “The arrest of a highly dangerous offender, one of the most wanted in the world,” and is making it possible to reduce violence levels.

He said that the Mexican State has been strengthening its institutional capacities, through greater intelligence, technology use, undertaking a better analysis of information, greater professionalization of security forces and shared strategies that make it possible to operate more effectively in the search for criminals, the fight against organized crime, and the promotion of safer conditions.

After listening to state governors congratulate federal security institutions on the recent capture of one of the most wanted criminals internationally, President Peña Nieto stressed, “the government’s unwavering commitment is to work very closely with local governments in order to join forces and make common cause with the various challenges facing the nation.”

At the close of the 46th Ordinary Meeting of the National Governors’ Conference (Conago), the president hailed the fact that, “No one is striving to make an effort to achieve individual success but instead to work together for the success of all Mexicans.”

That is the most important premise, he continued, “which should drive our actions, our beliefs and the firm commitment we have to ensure that by setting aside any particular interest, we can join forces and have real, effective coordination, as has been happening.”

He stressed that, “We still have some way to go to prove to society itself that we are capable of providing better results.”

He said the agreements, commitments and tasks assumed between the different levels of government should be reflected in benefits for the population. “We are all working towards the same goal: creating conditions of greater well-being for all Mexicans, from our different spheres of action.”

The president also congratulated the state governors on the pledge made at this Conago Meeting, “to advance the harmonization of the local legislation in each state to ensure that it is consistent with the spirit of Education Reform.”

He said that in terms of social development, we are all clear that one of the highest priorities of governments, “regardless of the order to which they belong, is to reduce poverty and inequality levels and achieve the conditions to enable every Mexican to have greater opportunities for self-fulfillment.”

The Reforms Enacted Show that Agreements can be reached on the Progress of the Country: Moreno Valle

Governor of the State of Puebla and outgoing President of Conago Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas said that the reforms adopted, “Have enabled us to prove to ourselves and show the world that Mexicans are able to agree on essentials when the progress of our country is at stake.”

He noted that in the coming months, Conago members will work in conjunction with the Federal Government to implement the reforms in the states, because “transforming the new legal reality in social welfare is not only our mandate, it is the greatest opportunity for this generation.”

Highlighting the achievement in the fight against organized crime, reflected last weekend in the arrest of a key criminal, the governor of Puebla declared that this action, together with the adoption of structural reforms, “Has strengthened Mexico’s position in the world, restoring it to the central role it deserves, which will no doubt result in increased investment, job creation and social welfare.”

In this context, he confirmed the will and readiness of state governments to intensify efforts in security and maintain close coordination with the Federal Government.

Mexico is experiencing a State of Confidence to Break out of Historical Inertias and Promptly Meet the Most Urgent Demands of All Mexicans: Lozano de la Torre

As he assumed the presidency of Conago, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, Governor of Aguascalientes, said that thanks to the structural and constitutional reforms enacted, “Our country is undergoing a new stage of confidence to break out of historical inertias and meet the most urgent demands of all Mexicans without delay.

After stating that since the first day of his administration, President Peña Nieto “has been very close to the Conference and at all times met the demands made by the governors, mainly to strengthen public security conditions throughout the country,” Lozano de la Torre thanked the president “for his leadership, state vision and political will to build the great agreements that are transforming Mexico.”

Conago Congratulates President Peña Nieto and the Mexican State Security Institutions: Duarte Jáquez

On behalf of Conago, Governor of Chihuahua and coordinator of the Security and Justice Commission César Duarte Jáquez thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto and the Mexican state security institutions that participated in the arrest of drug trafficker Joaquín Guzmán Loera.

Duarte Jáquez explained that at the request of Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Avila, Conago issued a special statement, “That was unanimously approved, which is a clear recognition of your leadership, Mr. President.” The governors, he said, “Confirm our commitment to continue working in a coordinated fashion with the strategy implemented by the government against organized crime.”

“The arrest of this criminal and the circumstances under which he was arrested have a profound significance that cannot be overemphasized. It means the effectiveness of the thesis regarding security has become visible in your administration: more coordination, more intelligence and less force,” said Duarte Jáquez.

Although he agreed with the president that one should not assume a triumphalist attitude to this arrest, it is, he insisted, “an event that strengthens Mexicans’ confidence in their authorities, and strengthens the credibility our country is gaining worldwide.”

“We should take advantage of the social atmosphere that has been produced by the national security policy, led by President Peña Nieto to make the transformation that will make the procurement and administration of justice more effective and reliable,” he said.



Presidency of the Republic, Mexico, DF, Feb. 26, 2014; translation by Presidency of the Republic

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