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Special 042205 Clark-King

April 22, 2005


George Thomas Clark debates D.A. King about immigration

By George Thomas Clark


This is my recent online exchange with D.A. King, founder of The American Resistance Foundation, a national coalition of citizens actively opposed to illegal immigration.  Mr. King spends lots of his own money as he travels and speaks and takes part in rallies and debates all comers.


George Thomas Clark - Don't you think the Bush administration, and politicians in general, consider it in the interest of the United States to allow significant numbers of undocumented immigrants into the country every year?  After all, if the very conservative and defense-minded Republican administration considered immigration a grievous threat to national security, wouldn't it station many times more than eleven thousand Border Patrol agents along the border with Mexico?


D.A. King - I think that the Bush administration sees America as a market place, while most of the American people are still stuck on the concept of a nation of law, with secure borders and a common language.


    Calling the present administration and the GOP "very conservative" is quite a stretch. Calling them defense minded, when we allow what Senator McCain reports to be 10,000 illegal aliens a day to enter our nation, is nonsense.


    They are tied to the campaign donations of the very people that profit from the presence of 20 million illegals.


    The President is in violation of his oath of office because of his unapologetic refusal to secure the borders and enforce the immigration and employment laws. Bill Clinton was impeached for far less.


GTC - Are you calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush?


DAK - I think that it must be held as a possibility...no one is above the law, not the illegals who come here, not the employers who hire them and by doing so contribute to our national unemployment, and certainly not the President of the United States.


    Personally, I think Bush smirks at the law the same way, and for the same reasons, that my local landscaper does. The almighty "bottom line."


GTC - You said the United States should have the same strict requirements for driver's licenses as in Mexico. (At least age 18, proof applicant can read and write, a current health certificate, proof of residency, pass a written and road test, provide photo ID.) 


    Are you saying: "Deny driver's licenses to undocumented workers?" 


DAK - Very definitely - yes, I am. 


GTC - It’s in every motorist's interest to be on the road with qualified drivers.  We endanger ourselves by denying people driver's licenses.  Undocumented workers are going to drive.  That's a given.  They should be well trained.  The paradox of legally certifying a driver who's here illegally is here noted.  This is a road safety issue first. 


DAK - It is in every motorist's interest to be on the road with qualified drivers; many of the illegals here have never driven on an expressway. So what? It is in every account holder's interest to be in a safe banking environment...but there is no movement to license robbers. Their point is, we cannot look at the problem of allowing continued illegal immigration with the question of how to make life easier for them.


    The driver's license in our country is the de facto national ID...like it or not. You mentioned Mexico's law [one that is enforced] that governs their driver's license. I think we should be at least as secure as that nation.


    You may get an argument from Al Qaeda.


GTC - Rather than offering a regular driver's license, there could be a different license for foreign residents and workers.  We're not only trying to "make life easier for them."  We're trying to make life safer for ourselves.  Furthermore, it doesn't matter if someone has driven on an "expressway" in his country; if he drives in this country, he'll certainly be on the freeway.  And the less training he has, the faster he's likely to drive.


Click here to visit GeorgeThomasClark.com and read the rest of this debate.


George Thomas Clark is the author of Hitler Here, a biographical novel, and Outliving Flynn, a short story collection.  He can be contacted through his web page at http://www.GeorgeThomasClark.com/


D.A. King is founder of the American Resistance Foundation, a Marietta, Georgia-based national coalition of citizens actively opposed to illegal immigration. On the Web: http://www.theamericanresistance.com/

Reprinted with permission.