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Casino watch 031605 Update

March 16, 2005


UPDATE: Mexican Congress Refuses New Casino Study


March 15, Reforma — The Political Coordination Junta of the Chamber of Deputies rejected the proposal for an additional study by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), on the impact casinos would have on Mexico, due to the excessive US$280,000 plus cost of the study.


According to UNAM, eight researchers would have been contracted to do the socioeconomic impact analysis that would take six months to complete.  They were also to assess public security measures in the draft legislation regarding the prevention of money laundering and drug trafficking.


Due to the cost, the Junta resolved to move forward with the bill on the Federal Gaming with Wagers and Raffles Law using the 11 private sector legal projects, both in favor and against casinos, that have already been received by this and previous legislatures.




March 11, Notimex — … The Tourism Commission (of the Chamber of Deputies) had suspended the process for the new Federal Gaming with Wagers and Raffles Law, that includes the opening of casinos in Mexico, for a period of 90 days so that those with concerns about casinos could make their arguments.  That 90-day period ends March 16.





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