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Monday, November 17, 2014

Mexico has Established Itself as a Responsible Global Player

Editorial Staff, Presidency of Mexico

Thanks to its increasing involvement in the world, Mexico has consolidated its position as a full member of different groups and collective mechanisms for dialogue and consultation. Through this reinforced presence, our country has achieved greater closeness to international actors who are key to the processes of updating the institutions and rules that will govern international relations in the future. In particular, our country affects decisions on global governance and trade, making every effort to ensure they are reflected in concrete benefits for Mexicans.

Two such instances of dialogue, of which Mexico is a member, are the Group of 20 (G20) and the Asia-Pacific (APEC) Economic Cooperation mechanism. For the first time, this year's APEC and G20 Leaders' Summits have been held just days apart. The president's international tour, from November 9 to 15, allowed Mexico to attend both the 22nd APEC Leaders' Meeting and the G20 Leaders' Summit. The first was held in Beijing, China, and the second in Brisbane, Australia. During the tour, President Enrique Peña Nieto also made a state visit to China at the invitation of that country's president, Xi Jinping.

The three activities are of major international importance for Mexico.

APEC brings together the world's most dynamic economies in the Asia-Pacific region. Together, they account for 40% of the world population, nearly 60% of global GDP and almost half the value of the world's goods and services trade. Five of Mexico's top ten trading partners were present at APEC: the United States, China, Canada, Japan and Korea, whose combined volume of trade with our country now totals over US$600 billion. Being present at APEC means contributing to further liberalizing the international trade process of which our country has been a direct beneficiary.

China is Mexico's second largest trading partner and one of the engines of global economic growth. For Mexico, the state visit to this country on November 12 and 13 represented the culmination of two years of intensive work with the Chinese authorities and, at the same time, the consolidation of bases for achieving increased trade between the private sectors of both countries, a greater flow of productive investment and tourism to our country, and growing access to the technology and funding required for national development.

The president's participation in the first and most important day of activities for the G20 Summit on November 15 ensured our country a presence at the world's most important economic coordination forum. The G20 has been, and will remain, the main forum of dialogue and decision for boosting global economic growth and addressing situations of international economic crisis. Mexico has supported the world's economic recovery and seeks to promote conditions to further increase growth over the next five years, which will result in a higher national product. The G20 also reviewed an important agenda of issues related to investment in infrastructure, a key sector for our country. At the G20 Summit, President Peña Nieto had the attention of all the leaders assembled there in order to disseminate the recent adoption of structural reforms in our country, as well as their future implementation and the development potential they offer.

The government is working hard on various economic, political and social aspects, in all of which it has displayed the greatest commitment to building a peaceful, prosperous, inclusive Mexico, with quality education and global responsibility. It is based on this responsibility that President Peña Nieto's international tour of China and Australia was designed to meet for the tangible benefit of Mexican society.


Media release, Nov. 12, 2014, the Presidency's Editorial Staff, Mexico, D.F.; Translation: Presidency of the Republic (edited)

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