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Monday, November 3, 2014


Leftists Protesting against the Left and their Own in Mexico


By Luis Pazos


They call themselves leftists, those who through democratic or violent means seek power in order to implement a socialist system that will replace capitalism, which they consider to be the cause of poverty and the exploitation of workers.


Dozens of students were recently massacred in Mexico in a reprehensible and unjustifiable act from any point of view, and while it is known who is involved the motives are not clear.


The majority of the organizers of violent protests in response to the savage and undemocratic act are linked to leftist groups, as too were the victims and the masterminds of those deaths. The teachers' college the dead and missing persons attended is controlled by radical left groups. City officials involved in the killings, with criminal allies, belong to a leftist party (Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD), and the State [Guerrero] where the massacre occurred is governed by the left (PRD).


The normal school* where those massacred studied is a hotbed of guerrillas and radicals. It teaches Marxism/Leninism.


Its teachers do not graduate prepared to educate, but to protest violently. The pseudo-students are from there, those who more than a year ago set fire to a gas station where a worker was burned alive. Those prior acts do not justify the recent carnage, however they make it clear that the objective of that normal school is to train activists who strive to implement socialism by means of violence, not teachers to educate children.


Groups of leftists that organize protests during which they burn buildings, stone offices, and close routes of communication with impunity, affecting thousands of peaceful citizens … deplorable acts by leftist groups allied with criminals and tolerated by leftist State officials.


The ties with organized crime, of the PRD mayor involved in masterminding the massacre, were known by the leftist state government of the same party.


They have no moral authority, those who condemn the violence when their cohorts are victims but they teach, justify and practice [violence] as a means to get to power.



* Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa, in Tixtla, Guerrero.



Luis Pazos (e-mail:, who heads the Free Enterprise Research Center (CISLE) in Mexico City, holds a master's degree in Public Finance and a doctorate in Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).  A prolific writer and forethoughtful analyst, Dr. Pazos' commentaries on Mexican economics, finance and politics have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout the Americas.  As well, he is the author of numerous books.

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