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Monday, January 20, 2014


In Mexico, Self-defense Forces put the Rule of Law at Risk


Editorial Commentary from El Financiero


The proliferation of community self-defense groups, which are present in at least 13 entities, endangers the rule of law in Mexico.  Regardless of the "legitimacy" that these groups might have, no persons can take law and order into their own hands.  It is a contradiction for the populace to fight crime and insecurity in the streets with force and violence.  The emergence of the self-defense groups is due to the absence of authority and a vacuum of power, which have been replaced by armed civilians on the fringe of the law.  However, the lack of governance cannot and must not be taken over with community police, as other groups of people will want to do the same.  Impunity and insecurity can hold back the productive capacity of businesses and inhibit investments, which are already seen as threatened by organized crime.  What must prevail is the rule of law.



"Legalidad, en riesgo," Punto y Aparte... column, El Financiero, Jan. 14, 2014, Mexico City; translation

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