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Monday, September 9, 2013

First Government Report: 'The Great Transformation of Mexico'

Presidency of the Republic Staff

First Government Report - 2012-2013 (the Mexican President's annual State of the Nation Report), in Spanish; pop-ups to section briefs; download links to the 852 page Report, Index, Executive Summary, and Statistics addenda

President Enrique Peña Nieto today urged Mexicans to, “Be part of a Mexico that is not afraid of transformation; a Mexico determined to transcend and leave its mark.”

During the presentation of his first State of the Union address, the President declared that the coming months will decide what story we will write in the following decades, “It’s that simple and that important,” he added, stressing that, “We have 120 days for 2013 to be remembered as a year of great change, a year in which Mexico dared to take off.”

“Moving Mexico forward and profoundly transforming it will demand the best of us, but it’s worth the effort,” he stated, adding that “We have clarity of purpose, and we have the energy and determination to move our country forward and transform it.”

At the official residence of Los Pinos, and in the presence of his wife Angélica Rivera Peña and their children, President Peña Nieto said that during the first nine months of his administration strategic sectors have begun to be transformed to give space to Mexicans’ talent, creativity and options.

“The great transformation of Mexico is possible and already underway.”

He said that major decisions have been taken with specific reforms to improve education, and to combat monopolies and anti-competitive practices. “We have done this because, in Mexico, quality education, wealth and opportunities should no longer be the privilege of a few.”

He noted that there are still changes to be made. “In order for Mexico to thrive, we must advance the pending reforms and changes.” In this regard, he acknowledged all those who have contributed to enabling the reforms and asked the Mexican Congress to enact the parts that have already been advanced of the Professional Teaching Service Act, and Financial Reform.

“We also need to support Congress so that in the coming months it will analyze, debate and, where appropriate, pass the Energy and Tax Reforms, in addition to the Regulatory Laws on Telecommunications and Antitrust.”

“If we can implement these reforms, Mexico will have taken a major step towards ensuring that there is more economic growth and that this benefits the vast majority,” he said, after stating that “as president, it is my responsibility to continue to push for these reforms in Mexico.”

He declared that he will therefore not make use of the presidential faculty to submit reforms so that Congress can focus on these reforms, which are of national priority.

President Peña Nieto congratulated the leaders of the main political forces on their maturity and willingness to reach agreements. “They have shown that our society is able to transform itself into a democracy and that plurality is not an obstacle, but rather an opportunity to make substantial changes.”

He noted that thanks to the positive environment encouraged by the Pact for Mexico and, above all, the responsible work of the country’s legislators, constitutional reforms have materialized in education, telecommunications and antitrust. “They are aware of the historical moment they are experiencing and have acted with firmness, realizing the urgency of implementing the reforms Mexico needs.”

He added that in order to improve the national democratic system in the context of the Pact for Mexico, a political and electoral reform proposal is being designed to modernize institutions.

The President said he knew that achieving a major transformation of Mexico would be complex because there are inertias and resistances to overcome, and he said, “As president I will respect the rights of all, but I am determined to use all the instruments of the democratic state to drive the transformation demanded by the vast majority of Mexicans.”

The president urged Mexicans, “To trust our potential, dare to be bold and take a big leap in our development,” adding that while “no one will conquer the summit for us, we are the ones who will have to take the path to the top, working in teams and wearing Mexico’s colors.”

The President explained that the government has decided to cope with several challenges at the same time. “We are doing so because the window of opportunity is open and we should take advantage of this. It’s time to believe. Let’s make history together,” he urged.

After recalling that the Mexican government and Mexicans are working on “five major national goals: achieving a Mexico at peace, achieving an inclusive Mexico, building a Mexico with quality education, promoting a prosperous Mexico, and consolidating a Mexico with global responsibility,” President Peña Nieto stressed that his government’s agenda is simply to ensure the well-being of Mexicans.

The President said it is clear today that the country has chosen the path of transformation, “It is an arduous, demanding journey, which requires an enormous effort, but also the only one that will take us to the Mexico we want to build. We have everything we need to be a prosperous nation with better living conditions for every family,” he said.


Presidency of the Republic, Mexico, DF, September 2, 2013; translation by Presidency of the Republic

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