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Monday, December 12, 2012

Leaders of the PRI, PAN and PRD sign a new 'Pact for Mexico'

By Luis Pazos

Mexico's new President, Enrique Peña Nieto, has called for a "Pact for Mexico," which the party presidents of the nation's three main political forces, the PRI, PAN and PRD, have signed. Those parties have committed that their members in Congress will support agreed upon changes, including structural reforms in order to achieve greater growth and employment.

The Pact represents a step forward by agreeing on what has to be done, although not all of the signatories are in agreement on how to do it.

The President of the PAN, Gustavo Madero, said: "We recognize the mood for dialogue and the position that President Enrique Peña Nieto has given to this Pact, the product of an intense discussion, analysis and inclusion of the main topics on the national agenda, in a multi-party dialogue....  The PAN recognizes that much of our platform and legislative agenda are taken into consideration in this agreement, which encourages us to trust that its approval can be achieved and become a reality."

The leader of the PRD, Jesús Zambrano, from the moderate left group, said that by signing the agreement: "We do not want disorganization or violence....  The PRD, as the main party of the left, is clearly determined to act as a responsible left. We are not betting on disaster in the country, we want growth, economic development with democracy, and social dignity."

With the signing of the Pact the leader of the PRD, Jesús Zambrano, reaffirms his intent to "make the PRD a party of proposals, not just protests."

President Peña Nieto and the PRI, by supporting much of the labor reform bill presented by former President Felipe Calderón, which is now law, demonstrated their commitment to the structural reforms.

We have the expectation, which is to say we hope, that the Pact, which in principle already represents an advance, will allow us to accomplish pending structural reforms so that the country can grow to greater levels than the current ones, and create more and better jobs.


Luis Pazos (e-mail:, who heads the Free Enterprise Research Center (CISLE) in Mexico City, holds a master's degree in Public Finance and a doctorate in Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).  A prolific writer and forethoughtful analyst, Dr. Pazos' commentaries on Mexican economics, finance and politics have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout the Americas.  As well, he is the author of 39 books.  Informal translation by

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