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Monday, September 3, 2012

Mexican State of the Nation Report - TV Clip re the Economy

President Felipe Calderón

The world is facing one of the most serious economic crises in history. Countries with economies that seemed extremely strong are now suffering serious shortages and having to ask their people to make enormous sacrifices to stay afloat.

Fortunately, things are different in Mexico.

Our country is an example to the rest of the world because of the solidity of its economy. Mexico is undoubtedly standing tall.

Pulling through was no easy task. The world crisis that is harming dozens of countries is unfortunately also harming the economy of many Mexican families.

We had to make difficult decisions but they were the right ones.

We handled public finances responsible and we did not mortgage Mexico.

We invested as never before in infrastructure, which facilitates trade and investment.

We train our young people better, through scholarships and more universities to enable them to compete and be successful in the world.

We strengthened our industries and supported small and medium enterprises.

And we boosted the countryside and tourism.

I know that much remains to be done. But thanks to everyone's efforts our economy is more solid than it was six years ago, and despite the difficulties we are growing and creating jobs for our people.

Mexico is strong as a result of the everyday work of millions of Mexicans, brave men and women who get up every morning to work to support their families and Mexico.

For them and for you, I will continue working passionately until the last day of my government.

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Economy Address, Aug. 29, 2012, Presidency of the Republic, Mexico, D.F., translation Presidency of the Republic

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