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Monday, September 3, 2012

Mexican State of the Nation Report - TV Clip re Security

President Felipe Calderón

Over five years ago I decided to fight criminals. It was a decision that could not be postponed, because the violence was harming our people.

For years crime was allowed to grow, while many Mexicans were hurt by it and asked for help.

But my main concern has been to look after families.

The reason for this fight is each of the Mexican families who feel afraid, suffer threats or have lost their peace of mind.

We have taken difficult decisions, never thinking about just six years but about the future of all Mexicans.

It was clear that fighting involved a great challenge and assuming major risks, but there was an urgent need to deal with the problem.

We had to remove the blindfold from our eyes. Without fear or hesitation.

Criminals were growing increasingly strong, while the state and society were becoming weakened. And although even today there are many people who suffer attacks from criminals, violence or the absence of a loved one, we are weakening crime and Mexico is increasingly strong.

We have been putting all our strength and our hearts into this.

We are fighting with the best we have: our federal forces.

In addition to combating crime, we overhauled our security and justice institutions.

Nowadays we have more tools for preventing and prosecuting criminals through the creation of information and the use of intelligence against criminals.

Mexico will not be brought to its knees. We are a brave country with values, which risks its soul to protect its people.

I feel very proud of the bravery of Mexicans, who do not give up and cope with adversity.

We know that the fight is worth it, which is why, together, we are building the solid bases of a safer, fairer Mexico.

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Security Address, Aug. 27, 2012, Presidency of the Republic, Mexico, D.F., translation Presidency of the Republic

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