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Monday, August 6, 2012

Gallup: Latin Americans Least Likely Worldwide to Feel Safe

By Clancy Bertane

People living in Latin America and the Caribbean are the least likely in the world to personally feel safe in their communities, with slightly less than half of residents (46%) reporting in 2011 that they do not feel safe walking alone at night where they live.


People living in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Northern America -- which includes the U.S. and Canada -- were the most likely worldwide to feel safe. At least three in four residents in each of these regions reported feeling safe, but as it does elsewhere around the world, people's sense of security varies by country. (Full country results are available at the end of this article.)

Majorities in 13 Latin American and Caribbean Countries Do Not Feel Safe

Latin Americans' sense of security varies across the region, from a low of 34% in Venezuela to a high of 69% in Trinidad and Tobago. Majorities in 13 of the 21 countries surveyed in the region last year said they do not feel safe, which may reflect ongoing struggles with violent crime in many of these countries, where murder rates are far higher than the annual global average of 6.9 per 100,000 people.


For the complete Gallup article, please link to "Latin Americans Least Likely Worldwide to Feel Safe."  Excerpt reprinted with permission.

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