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Casino watch 071104

July 11, 2004


Temporary casino accord expected in Mexico




Notimex - The chairman of the Nacional Council of Legislative Commissions on Tourism Subjects, Francisco Dávila García, believes that the Secretariat of Government could issue a decree within the next 30 days that will allow the temporary operation of casinos during regional fairs.


The National Action Party (PAN) legislator explained that the intent of the decree is for casinos, that currently exist at fairs and in arenas (palenques) around the country, to operate on a regulated basis and for a set period of time even though establishments of this type are still not allowed in Mexico.


Mexico’s Federal Gambling and Raffles Law of 1947 prohibits gambling and betting games, based on the argument that they cause damage to society.  Still, there are various kinds of casinos or gaming centers in Mexico.


The PAN deputy said, that in order to facilitate the decision on pending legislation to reform the Gambling and Raffles Law and allow casinos to operate in Mexico, a series of public hearing are now being held.


The initiative that was submitted to Congress last April advocates the installation of casinos in order to promote regional and municipal development, and to stimulate national and foreign investment.


Dávila said that the reforms would also have to be discussed with state legislators in the future, as approval of at least half the nation’s 31 states and Federal District would be required.



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