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Mexico Gaming and Casino Watch

Columns and Translations

Thriving Unlicensed Casinos in Mexico must be Regulated, Frontera NorteSur - 27 May 2013

The Growth of Mexican Casinos and 'Casino Mafias,' Frontera NorteSur - 18 July 2011

Casinos-Lite vs. Casinos in Mexico: The Debate Goes On, by Barnard R. Thompson - 21 March 2011

Mexican Congresspersons (Again) Seek to Legalize Casinos, by Fernando Damián, Milenio, Mexico DF (translation posted 11/24/08)

Mexico to Reform its Gaming Law, with or without Casinos, by Barnard R. Thompson (09/22/08)

Casinos in Mexico - A Safe Bet or Endless Machinations?, by Barnard R. Thompson (09/15/08)


Laws, Regulations, Bills

Federal Gaming and Raffles Law (1947), in Spanish - Ley Federal de Juegos y Sorteos

Regulation of the Federal Gaming and Raffles Law, in Spanish (2004) - Reglamento de la Ley Federal de Juegos y Sorteos

(Proposed) Federal Gaming with Wagers and Raffles Law (2011), Mexican Senate, in Spanish (March 17, 2011) - Proyecto de Decreto de la Ley Federal de Juegos con Apuestas y Sorteos

(Proposed) Federal Gaming with Wagers and Raffles Law (2004), in Spanish (April 29, 2004 version) - Iniciativa Ley Federal de Juegos con Sorteos y Apuestas

Organic Law of the National Lottery for Public Assistance (1985), in Spanish - Ley Organica de la Loteria Nacional para la Asistencia Publica

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